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The main distinct feature of the Faculty may be attributed to its dedicated team of experienced academics. The Faculty members are comprised of a good mix of young and senior staff. Many of the senior staff have wide industry experience with professional qualifications. Another distinct feature is the programmes' rigorous curriculum which is well received by industry as evidenced by the high graduates' employability. The Faculty enjoys a high reputation as a leading provider of accounting and business graduates in the business community.
The Faculty has forged close links with the banking sector, such as Public Bank and Citibank to provide employment opportunities and sponsorship for inter-varsity investment games. The Faculty also collaborate with international professional bodies like ACCA and CIMA and local ones like MIA and MAICSA for programme accreditations and exemptions to provide the academic route for students to achieve professional qualifications.

The Faculty offers programmes such as:

Undergraduate Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)  (R2/344/6/0193) (A9649)
  2. Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Global Economics   (R2/314/6/0015) (A9682)   
  3. Bachelor of International Business (Hons)   (R2/345/6/0434) (A9683)
  4. Bachelor of Building and Property Management (Hons)  (R/345/6/0114) (MQA/FA0686)

Postgraduate Programmes

  1. Doctor of Philosophy  (R2/345/8/0666) 05/26 (A10032)
  2. Master of Philosophy   (R2/345/8/0666) 05/26 (A10031)
  3. Master of Business Administration  (R/345/7/0729) 07/20 (A6338)
  4. Master of Business Administration (Corporate Governance)  (R/345/7/0728) 07/20 (A6339)
  5. Master of Business Administration (Building Management)  (R/345/7/0113) 10/21 (MQA/FA0899)